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Ready To Start Your Home Ownership Journey?

I have worked in the real estate industry since 2014, so I understand that the process of getting a mortgage can be both exciting and stressful. If you're looking for a dedicated, knowledgeable, and dependable mortgage professional to help you navigate the process of buying a property, getting a reverse mortgage, refinancing, or setting up a home equity line of credit (HELOC), please contact me today.

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About Me

In addition to being a Mortgage Loan Originator, I am also a full time Tampa Bay real estate agent. Having experience on both sides of the real estate process means I have the knowledge necessary to make your mortgage process go as smoothly as possible. If you'd like to know more about the benefits of working with a dually licensed mortgage and real estate professional, please click here. 

If you are looking to get a mortgage in Florida, I can help you wherever you may be. If you need help in a different state, I can put you in touch with a great, trusted Mortgage Loan Originator in your area.

I take every clients' transactions personally, and I make sure to follow up often. I personalize every client's experience to make sure they get the right loan for them, and I am available seven days a week. I offer a prompt, proactive, and comprehensive service. I am always happy to educate my clients on their options and make sure we holistically approach their loan options.

In an effort to provide my clients with the highest quality service possible, I stay on top of today's real estate trends and monitor the national and Tampa Bay real estate markets weekly to stay informed on what's happening in our country and our area. This way I can provide detailed and timely information to my clients so that they make the right choices for them based off the right information. When working with me, you can be assured I have access to all of the necessary information to help you.

​I am devoted to the real estate industry and am genuinely excited to work with people like yourself. I have spent nearly my entire career working in real estate and love every aspect of it - even the tricky parts. My priority is providing personalized service to help my clients with their real estate needs so that they can enjoy the process as much as I do every day.

I look forward to speaking with you to answer any questions you may have directly. You can email, text, or give me a call and I’d be happy to chat with you about your real estate goals and how I can help you best achieve them.​ 

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